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Written by: Riley Green

Football is one of the most viewed sports on national television. Although it’s a great sport to watch, the sport itself does not bring in all their viewers.

Fantasy Football is where a group of people, whether it be friends, coworkers, or a bunch of randoms come together and draft teams. They draft any player in the NFL (National Football League), slowly but surely forming themselves what they hope will become a championship winning team. There are different ways you can play the game. Some people play for fun some put money on it, regardless it will make Sundays the most stressful day of someone’s week.

Fantasy football is a big reason the NFL has the kind of viewership that it has. Some people play the game for the sole purpose of making money. They start off not knowing who Tom Brady is. They then go on to do their research eventually knowing every roster in the NFL. Examples like this draw in viewers Senior Brogan Noey is a 4-year Fantasy Football player. Noey loves playing the game as he’s a big football fan. Noey talked about why he chose to play fantasy football these past years

“I play Fantasy Football because it keeps me and all my friends close because we always talk trash about fantasy. It also makes it more fun to watch football because you’re rooting for certain players.” Noey said.

As Noey said Fantasy Football brings people together. Noey explained how he and his friends tend to gather at someone’s house on Sundays, eat food, and watch football all day.

“It’s really has a huge impact on our friendships, it always leaves us with something to talk about,” Noey said.

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