The Homecoming Dress Hunt

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Homecoming is around the corner, and, as usual, last minute homecoming dress shopping is my plan. A lot of high school students are in this position, and I have advice to relieve some stress. Since Tyson’s mall has a larger variety of stores, I drove to their this past weekend. I had a vision of the type of dress I wanted: a form fitting, strappy dress preferably with an open back.

My first stop was to Nordstrom’s. The impression I had of Nordstrom’s from others was that the dresses were on the pricier side, but they carried more elegant and formal dresses. Nordstrom’s is divided into three floors, and the dresses are on the highest floor. There was a section in the back that was the size of Kylie Jenner’s handbag closet. Every single dress I found was long. They were more prom style dresses, but if you are interested in a long dress this is the store for you. The dresses I found ranged from $120-$250.

Next, I looked in Francesca’s because I bought my last years homecoming dress from this boutique. They had short style dresses, and were more casual, everyday type dresses. Lace dresses were the main selection, but there were also A-line and shift dresses. The dresses ranged from $40-$80. Additionally, in the clearance section there was a good amount of cute, everyday dresses. These dresses are more suitable if you do not want a formal dress.

I headed over to Altar’d State after. Altar’d State is similar to Francesca’s dress selection, but more bohemian. There are a lot of lace, flowy dresses that, again, are more casual, everyday type of dresses. The dresses ranged from $40-$100. Urban Outfitters is more of a street style, casual, teenage, store, so I walked through wondering if I could find a unique, casual dress. The dresses didn’t necessarily satisfy my interest because they are more artsy, city-life clothing. Some dresses were corduroy, some had buttons going down, and some were floral, flowy dresses. These dresses are perfect for during the day or going out on the weekends to Leesburg, D.C., etc. They ranged from $50-$150.

Then, I peeked into Forever 21-another casual, everyday clothing store. They had a dress section in the back, but not a huge variety of dresses. They were for the same purpose as the Urban Outfitter’s dresses. The color scheme wasn’t diverse; there was a lot of red, yellow, and orange. The dress style was mainly bodycon and t-shirt style. The dresses ranged from $15-$25.

Lastly, I looked in both Macy’s and Lord & Taylor. Both have dresses that are more business casual. They are more suitable for middle-aged and older women. The dresses didn’t technically fit in the “night out on the town” and “school dance” category. The dresses ranged from $40-$120.

After looking at all these stores, the store for your dress depends on if  you prefer a more casual or formal style. Francesca’s, Altar’d State, and Forever 21 are the perfect stores if you desire that more leisure type dress. Nordstrom’s is more suitable for a fancier, more chic dress. However, Nordstrom’s, Altar’d State, and Francesca’s all had acceptable dresses to wear to homecoming for a super night. Even if you don’t find “the dress”, don’t worry because that will not ruin your homecoming experience.

Written by Gillian Krug

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