Updates to LCPS calendars prolong school year, disappoint students


Photo by Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly, Feature Editor

“When does summer break start?” is often asked as the school year comes to an end. June 8 is marked in the calendars of high schoolers for this year, but for the next three years, the updated calendars will have a different end to school. 

The Loudoun County School Board has released the upcoming calendars for the 202425 and 2025–26 school years, in addition to the previously available 202324 schedule. 

Some changes within these calendars include earlier start dates—August 24 (202324), August 22 (202425), and August 21 (202526), as well as later end dates—June 14 (2024), 17 (2025), and 16 (2026). 

Sophomore Kadie Cameron feels that a prolonged school year is unnecessary. 

“I think it’s surprising that the school board would choose to push it back, especially with most classes finishing up coursework in May for exams,” Cameron said. “I also wonder about snow days because we have so many extra built in days of school and recently we haven’t been getting close to it.”

Freshman Richie Ring sees some reason in school ending later, but believes that there is a certain point where lessons are dragged out to fill in time. 

“I think there’s a point in the fourth quarter that kids start to lose interest in school,” Ring said. “I don’t think ending it further into June will help with that.”