Brief Concern: Trump and North Korea Meeting Ends Early



Jared Sanders, Writer and Photographer

President Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting ended early and abruptly, and both were unable to come to an agreement on denuclearization during the Summit held on the February 27th and 28th. Trump is still optimistic that they will eventually agree on denuclearization. Trump stated that each other understood each other’s demands, as well as them still having a good relationship. Trump and North Korean officials are contradicting each other with Trump saying that the North Koreans will close the nuclear site Yongbyon, but not other sites, but North Korea is claiming that they will close the other sites but not Yongbyon. Trump is also claiming that North Korea stated that they would denuclearize a large portion of their nuclear sites if the United States removed all of their sanctions on them, and Trump felt like he couldn’t do that. With Trump’s claim that all sanctions must be removed, the North Korean foreign minister rebutted that they only wanted a partial amount of them taken away.  

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