Valentines Day: What does it Mean to You


Grace Ferrara, Staff Reporter

The story behind Valentine’s day differs greatly depending upon the person you ask. Despite the contrasting beliefs, I think it is safe to say that this holiday is one to focus on family, friends, and loved ones. Being smaller, some people don’t celebrate Valentine’s day as much as the larger holidays. What are some more common celebrations and traditions popular among students at Valley?

From freshmen to seniors that I interviewed, most stated that they enjoy Valentines Day as a holiday.

“Everyone’s always super happy like there’s this like energy on Valentines day that’s pretty cool,” senior Lukas Clites said.

“I think it’s over commercialized to make money,” Elise Bowen, a freshman, said, “I think the holiday should be about celebrating our loved ones, like friends, family, or significant others.”

Although the majority of students said they do enjoy and celebrate it, there still are people who find it more of an excuse for big companies to make corporate profit. To many this makes the holiday less special.

“At this point, it’s just a way for giant companies to sell you more stuff,” senior Ryan Jones says, “I think it cheapens real love.”

This Valentine’s Day reflect on what the holiday means to you.