Looking Forward, Parting Words From a Senior

Looking Forward, Parting Words From a Senior

Daniel Marsh, Editor

The year is almost done! I can imagine it’s been a long process for everyone, so hopefully we can all realize that there is, in fact, light at the end of the tunnel. I’m sure some parts of the year weren’t the best, for a myriad of reasons. What matters is that we dealt with it and moved on.

No matter what grade you’re in, the world has changed significantly since when you began your journey. For the most part, those changes haven’t been a good thing. There hasn’t been a worldwide pandemic of this intensity in a century. Political turmoil has reached a devastating intensity, for us and the international community. Climate issues continue to worsen, societal issues continue to polarize communities and turn people against each other, and incompetence from our elected officials has ensured that these issues are here to stay. 

I know this all sounds bad, but take a deep bre— NO, don’t take a deep breath. Closing our eyes and hoping for the best won’t solve any of the issues in the slightest. Something needs to be done, and everyone should take part. 

I’m not saying that we should go out and protest every day, and I don’t think that yelling at people online for having different opinions is a smart idea, either. Instead, I would encourage everyone to analyze these issues and think for themselves. 

I’d like to introduce an out-of-context quote from some guy who was an important historical figure, but he really doesn’t mean much to us today: Prussian King Frederick the Great once said that, “if soldiers were to begin to think, not one of them

would remain in the army.” I think this quote, however irrelevant the subject actually was, actually fits the situation we’re in right now. We have almost entirely divided ourselves into two opposing factions, with the chief orators of each side repeatedly emphasizing that there is positively nothing we can agree on. 

If the political nobility are the only ones that can speak for all of us, then they would be correct. However, we live in a country where freedom of the press is protected under law. Many other countries don’t guarantee the same rights for their citizens, particularly the right to dissent from party bosses. Few countries have a stronger legal foundation than we do.

We all have the right to seek out different viewpoints. That being said, formulating an opinion should be the result of utilizing that right, hearing each side out, and reaching a conclusion based on our insight and experiences. 

I may have certain viewpoints that cause me to look more favorably on one side, but I have no intention of becoming the property of a similarly-aligned political party. I always try to think independently on different issues. It doesn’t always work out, but trying is sometimes all that matters. 

Have a great Summer!