The Flash: Season 5 Review (so far)

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The Flash: Season 5 Review (so far)

Jared Sanders, Writer and Photographer

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The first episode of season five of CW’s The Flash first aired on October 9, 2018. The Flash first premiered on October 7, 2014.

This season’s premiere wasn’t as good as the prior season premiers, since it just focused on Barry and Iris Allen( Grant Gustin and Candice Patton) meeting their daughter Nora(Jessica Parker Kennedy) who is from the future, and trying to get back home, but can’t. This episode is relatable to certain audiences since Nora hasn’t been able to see her dad and risked altering the timeline to meet him.

The second episode introduces the main villain of the season Cicada(Chris Klein) who wants to get rid of all metahumans. He is a better villain than last season since he wants to get rid of everyone who has superpowers, he has a weapon that can siphon the powers of metahumans and is still a good martial artist without it. Cicada also blames metahumans for injuring his niece by having a part of a satellite fall on her. As well as, introducing Cicada they introduced metatech, which is technology affected by dark matter from a satellite that was destroyed in the past season.

The third episode’s title makes everyone think that a fan favorite Cisco Ramon is going to die since it is titled Death of Vibe. This episode also starts developing the story of Caitlin Snow’s past, and how she got her powers.

The fourth episode titled News Flash just seemed like a cliche drama, since Nora was showing the tension she had with her mother and ends up living with her grandpa Joe West(Jesse L. Martin), resulting in an unenjoyable episode.

The fifth episode All Dolled Up made a comeback after the last episode and felt like a scary movie all while, introducing a new villain Ragdoll. Troy James who played Ragdoll and was also on the last season of America’s Got Talent as a contortionist did a great job making the character seem creepy, and was a great choice for the villain.

The directors then gave us episode 6 which wasn’t as good since it just explored Caitlin finding her father and the family issues that she had with him.

The next episode redeemed itself with introducing the Weather Witch who wanted to kill her father for not being there for her, and for reuniting the Allen family due to Cecile(Danielle Nicolet) explaining how brave Iris was to Nora.

The eighth episode brought back some of the past season villains like Savitar, Zoom and the Reverse Flash, while Barry and Nora went back in time to get materials to form a weapon capable of disrupting Cicada’s dagger’s power to disrupt metahuman powers. This episode was very entertaining since it dealt with time travel, and brought back fan favorites.

Episode 9 was the annual crossover which was one of my favorite crossovers. The Flash and the Green Arrow switched places and try to get used to their powers while taking down the villain Monitor. It also introduced Kate Kaine also known as Batwoman, who was unfortunately not in the crossover for that long, and she didn’t have that big of a role. The producers introduced Kaine to get people excited for her show that might be coming out this year. Also in this crossover, there was a lot of easter eggs that were pleasing to Batman fans like: Mr. Freeze’s cold gun, showing cells of famous Batman villains and having Barry and Oliver get affected by Scarecrow’s fear gas.

Overall season 5 of The Flash is entertaining, but the episodes aren’t as good as the earlier seasons. In some of the more emotional scenes, the acting didn’t seem as good and didn’t feel that realistic. This season is trying to focus more on the importance of family as well, instead of providing good villains and providing entertaining action sequences. The producers also introduced the Flash ring which is used in the comics in episode one, but after that, they only used it one other time, since some assume it is too expensive to produce.

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